How Do I Get My Child Into Modeling

MaxIt may come as a surprise to many parents, but your child does not have to be beautiful to become a successful child model. Modeling agencies want “real” or natural looking kids of all ages and ethnicities – a reflection of our real world today.

Equally important is whether your child has the interest and desire to become a model.Modeling is not all glamour, it also requires travel, lots of waiting around, hard work and even rejection from potential clients. If you and your child are willing to work hard, the rewards can be great. Here are a few tips from a pro to help your child get started in modeling.

Although most modeling agencies are located in large cities like New York, Los Angeles and Miami, many smaller agencies that serve local markets are found in smaller cities. The quickest way to find the agencies close to you is an internet search for “child modeling agencies in ______________(your city or state).

Once you’ve put together a list of possible agencies, call or email them to find out their requirements for submitting photos of your child. If they are not currently looking for new models, you’ll save the expense of sending photos. Some agencies like the child’s information, such as height, weight, hair color, eye color and contact information on the back of each photo, while others want that information listed on a separate sheet of paper.

Next, take photos of your child. You don’t have to hire a pro for this, as the modeling agencies are more interested in candid, natural shots. That means no sunglasses, face paint, toys or costumes. Include a full-length body shot and a head shot. Try taking the photos at different times of the day and in different settings until you get the shots you believe are best.

Mail the photos to the agencies and wait. This phase can take time and test your patience. You’ll be tempted to call the agency, but don’t do it! According to one seasoned agent, “If we are interested, we will call.” Your child may not be the right size, or the right look, but a perfect fit for the agency in a few months.

As your child grows, and the needs of modeling agencies change frequently, it’s a good idea to shoot a new set of photos every six months and send them to all the agencies on your list.

When an agency likes your child’s photos, they will call to schedule an interview with you and your child. This is often to find the right models their client needs for an upcoming project, such as a spring or fall catalog or a TV commercial. If your child is chosen, the agency will mail a contract to you in a few days and schedule the modeling jobs.

Once a contract is signed, your child is on the way to what could be a long and lucrative career as a child model. Congratulations to you both!