Could Your Child Be a Model?

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Almost every mom has wondered if her child could become a child model. After all, she’s cute, loves being photographed, has a great personality and, best of all, looks as good as the kids modeling in catalogs and magazines. The answer is maybe. You see, a cute face and a winning personality are a great […]

How Do I Get My Child Into Modeling


It may come as a surprise to many parents, but your child does not have to be beautiful to become a successful child model. Modeling agencies want “real” or natural looking kids of all ages and ethnicities – a reflection of our real world today. Equally important is whether your child has the interest and […]

5 Things You Must Know Before Signing a Child Modeling Contract


It’s an exciting moment when a modeling agency offers you and your child a contract, as that means the agency believe your child has real potential. But after the thrill and excitement wear off, it is time to take a hard-headed and rational look at the terms of that contract to ensure it is in […]

How to Avoid Child Modeling Scams


If you’re like many proud parents, you believe your kids have the “right look” to become a child model. When a “talent scout” or “scouting agent” agrees with you, it’s only natural to get excited. But beware, as they may be setting you up to become the next victim of a child modeling scam. The […]

Seven Essential Steps to Becoming a Child Model

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Everyone who sees your child says she’s cute enough to be a model, but how do you get started? Here are seven essential steps you’ll need to take before your child gets those profitable modeling jobs that can bring big bucks and other intangible rewards like confidence building and goal setting. Step 1. Learn to […]